13 June 2017


Norhisame Atan akan membawa nama Malaysia ke kejohanan dart di Auckland, New Zealand pada bulan hadapan.

Semoga berjaya !


Lain² cerita mengenai Foco Darts League......


SHAH ALAM — Malaysian Darts Association (MDA) secretary Pathmanathan Chandraraja, the man behind the Foco darts, is disappointed rules of the league have not been complied.

During the prize giving ceremony at Shah Alam on Friday, the champion of the league made a joke out of the competition by not following the rules.

It was when winner Eric Pedley made a fuss by not wearing the official Foco dart jersey during the prize giving ceremony.

“Earlier that day he was giving a lot of excuses to avoid wearing our official jersey,” said Pathmanathan.

“At the end of the day, he broke the news saying he is a sponsored player and not allowed to join the competition at the first place.”

Pathmanathan was disappointed with what transpired as he made it clear in the rules that players need to abide by the rules and follow instruction for the two-month league.

“If I keep quiet about this, what people will think about the standard of the league,” he said.

“This is my first time organising the event, the journey was incredible meeting darters around the states and I expected a happy ending. I’m truly disappointed the way I was treated.”

Winner of the Foco darts league walked away with RM3,000, a trophy and sponsored trip to compete in the Taranaki Open Darts Championships in Auckland New Zealand next month.

“Since Eric violated the rules, I will cancel the New Zealand trip. He doesn’t deserve it anyway, I decided to bring the runner up player for the trip instead,” said Pathmanathan.

Runner-up Norhisame Wahad was declared the winner.

Pathmanathan, who became a darts enthusiast after a business trip, said the league is one of its kind.

“To me it was disturbing seeing darters playing against each other at bars and restaurants. I feel there is a need to change this,” he said.

“The sport is unique and slowly gaining its popularity hence came the idea to organise the league.”

The 45-year-old from Klang said it took him eight months to start the league.

“It wasn’t an easy journey, I’m thankful my close friends were assisting me throughout the whole journey,” he said.

“I spent almost RM25,000 to organise this league. To me it is not about the money but the satisfaction seeing experienced darters playing against each other professionally,” added the businessman.

On whether this will be the end of Foco darts, Pathmanathan said the next season will be coming up soon.

“Minus the problem we faced earlier, I had a good feedback from darters who participated in the competition,” he said.

“I haven’t decided when the new league will start but I can promise it will much better than the previous.”


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