23 August 2016


R LEAGUE Malaysia is back with Season 2, Autumn!

Registration is now open to public

A Big THANK YOU to all the Teams and Home Shop which supported us for the past season that make R LEAGUE a debut success, here we are back again this for Season 2

Registration Closed : 16th September 2016, Friday
Captains Meeting : 20th September 2016, Tuesday
League Starts : 27th September 2016, Tuesday

* Dates may differ or be adjusted from the above.

There will be 4 Divisions for this Season and we've included GRANDMASTER CUP AND WOMEN'S CUP as an extra event for you all on a separate registration.

Terms and Conditions apply
* Entry Fee of RM400 Per Team must be collected and submitted upon registration.
* R LEAGUE is only available for Rflags Family Shop

We are excited for you to be part of 'Our League'
Registration Details
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